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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Growing Child - Cleaner Closet

Hello Everyone!

Well, what do you do when your child grows by leaps and bounds and there is a new season coming on?  You clean out a closet, right?  That's what I did recently.  My daughter is going to be 10 this summer and she is only about a foot shorter than me.  I have noticed lately that some of her clothes seem "ill-fitted" meaning too short or too tight.  So, with JBF coming on and summer coming on, I decided to put her through the torture process of trying on everything in her closet.  And boy did she have a lot of stuff!
I can tell you she had more than she needed as she didn't wear a lot of what she had.  We went through it all and I told her we were getting rid of anything that didn't fit or that she didn't like and wasn't going to wear.  She was pretty ok with that.  There were a few items that I had to convince her that she didn't need anymore.  There are some items in the closet that are too big and we are saving for later.  So we went through it all and now it looks more like this.

It still looks like a lot but believe me, we got rid of a lot of stuff.  We gave some to a friend that is a smaller size, some for JBF and some to Salvation Army.  Most of what is left is long sleeve.  Even that we will probably have to get rid of come fall/winter since she just refuses to stop growing!  If anybody has ever figured out how to keep your kids from growing up, let me know. ;)  I still haven't gone through her shoes.  Being as she now wears the same size shoe as I do and I sometimes see her in MY closet, I'm figuring a lot of these shoes on her shelf are now too small.  After all this closet purging, I discovered she needed a few skirts and several shirts for this summer.  We went to Goodwill and I scored 4 skirts, 2 shirts and 3 tank tops for her.  We got a few other things for myself and my son.  I was very pleased with our purchases as I usually only find a couple things if any when I shop our Goodwill.  That's not to say it isn't a very good Goodwill.  That's only to say that the person before me and all my friends find all the deals before I can get to them!  (We actually have a very nice Goodwill.)  My daughter, niece and I are planning a trip to visit a friend and go hit the thrift stores in her town.  Unfortunately, my daughter is in that "I'm still a little girl but have to where teenage or petite women's clothes."  Most of the styles are too "grown-up" for a 10 year old but then again, a lot of the children's clothes now a days are too grown-up for a 10 year old.  Have you noticed that?  I'm sorry but I don't want my 10 year old to look "sexy".  Anyway, I'll get off my soap box here and finish up.  This is some of what's been happening in our home as we await the full onslaught of spring and summer.  What have you been doing to get ready?  So until next time...

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane

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