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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Organization Part II

Hello Everyone!

So here is part two.  Yes, if you guessed pantry clean-out, you guessed right. (If some of you have no idea what I was just talking about, see my first post called Organization.) Anyway, I had my friend, Cheyenne, come over and help me totally empty my pantry, clean it, consolidate it and just make it more user friendly.
[The user being me.;) ] It really is amazing how much stuff can be crammed into a small place. I totally forgot to take before pictures.  About 5 minutes into it I remembered the camera. So here are some of the partially empty pantry and some of what my kitchen looked like with all the stuff.  And believe me, there was a lot of stuff!
Cheyenne helping to unload the goods.

Partial empty

Another partial empty.  Notice the wire pull-out rack.  Uggh!

Trying to find room on the bar.

Stuff, stuff, everywhere stuff.

We finally spilled over to the table and floor.  Don't be jealous of my mismatched table and chairs.  A new set is on my wish list for next year.  Hopefully, please, maybe.

We even put a few things on my desk.

Random items on the floor.
You should have seen what the trash looked like once we consolidated and emptied things.  Phew!
All empty and shelves cleaned. I would have loved to repaint the shelves but time was of the essence.  We had added another shelf after the initial building and I haven't had time to finish it like the rest.  Oh well, it's juuust a pantry. (That last comment is for my nephew, Brian, if his wife tells him about it.  An inside joke.) Sorry, I digressed for a minute there.

Putting it all back in a nice, neat, orderly manner.

This is that pull-out rack all nice and neat with all my jars and candy tins.  Notice the Freddie's cup in the front.  I couldn't throw that out.  It is from our last trip to Freddie's on May 22, 2011 the day of the Joplin, MO tornado.

There is actually empty space on the shelves now.

The top shelf is reserved for stock pots, canner, electric skillet, extra coffee maker, blender and other such appliances that don't get used very often.
So there it is, my "new" pantry.  Boy, that felt good.  And yes, there were some things in there as old as my daughter.  She just turned 10 this last summer.  Yikes!  I've kind of got the organizing bug now.  I'd like to tackle my kitchen cabinets next.  "Cheyenne, when can you come back?!?" That's all folks.  So until next time...

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane


Hello Everyone!

Ok, so the sewing room isn't complete but I thought I'd go ahead and show some before pictures and some "sneak peak" pictures along with a few in-process type stuff. (Boy, that was a long sentence.)  Anyway, here are a few of the semi-before pictures.  I had already started moving things around so this is not how I actually lived with it on a regular basis. (Disclaimer: This is a photo heavy post.)  (Enjoy!)
Looking in from the doorway.

Looking in from the doorway.  That is my new table against the wall.

From inside looking toward the closet.

Inside looking out the door.

Sewing corner.
It was all very cluttered, disorganized and didn't utilize the space very well. Now I will show a few sneak peaks. By the way, notice the ribbon holder on the wall in the above picture.  It is no more.  I'll show you what I used to replace it.
Rain gutter turned ribbon holder.  Cost was less than $5.00.  Score!
Here is one end of my cutting table with all my art, crafting supplies.
We added yard sticks from Lowe's as our trim.  Dual purpose, cover side of plywood and give me a measuring tool.

Ok. Here is the whole table.  This is the in-process part.  I am going to make a curtain to go under, at the front, to cover all my storage boxes and such.  I was able to get more fabric to match the curtains on the windows.  This was very exciting since I got the first piece several months ago.  Yay for Hobby Lobby!
I just completed this chalkboard today.  Instead of sewing, like I was supposed to be doing, I ran outside to spray paint while the weather was tolerable.  Actually, I did do a bit of sewing but my serger up and died on me.  I have to wait until tomorrow to borrow one from a friend.  I thought the message on the board might help keep me focused.
This is my little art table.  It is in the corner by the closet and next to the shelves with all my supplies.  Right now my computer is on it but usually, it is covered in some project that needs to dry or something.  It is covered with brown wrapping paper to protect the surface from glue, paint, etc.  It has a little rod type thing that goes in the back.  It was my son's drawing table when he was little.  
Another reminder.
So, that is about it for now on the sewing room.  I have a few other ideas brewing in my head but they haven't come to fruition yet. These things take time (and money) ya know. I was also going to show you another project that I worked on this week in the area of organization but I think I will put it in its own little post. Here's a few clue words or phrases. Food as old as my daughter, dust bunnies, dirt, out-of-date, pantry.  I guess you probably have it figured out. So read Organization Part II to see if you are right. So until next time...

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Pictures

Hello Everyone!

I know, it's been awhile.  I also know that I promised finished pictures from my sewing room.  It's still in the works.  We had a day of decent weather last week and I went out to spray paint.  The bad thing is that I waited until late in the afternoon so I didn't get everything painted that I needed to paint.  Now, it is in the 20's.  Not exactly ideal spray painting weather. However, I am still working on a few things that don't depend on the weather.  (bought some fabric for a curtain in the sewing room today) I say all this to say, "No, I haven't forgotten and yes, you will just have to be patient."  Nice of me, huh?

Anyway, new subject.  Did anybody notice the new profile picture?  I had a friend take a few pics of me the other day.  I am wanting to give one to the hubby and one for our family gallery wall that I am also procrastinating working on.  I want to do individual pictures, one of the hubby and me and one of our whole family along with other miscellaneous family shots.  I was having a hard time deciding on which one to use for the profile.  As far as I can tell, Blogger only gives you one size to choose from so it is hard to decide which pose will work best.  I thought I would just show a few and let you all vote on which one I should use.  That is if you are so inclined.
This is the current one.

Can you see the blog name to the side of this one?  Might be a bit faint.

Going with that cockeyed look.

Love the yellow wall in the background.

Not looking at ya but showing off the scarf and flower that I made. ;)
So there you have it.  Let me know what you think.  By the way, I did make the scarf out of a $0.25 T-shirt that I bought at Salvation Army.  I brought it home washed it, cut it up and wore it!  Took me all of about 10 minutes to make.  I like the added accent and pop of color.  You can find a tutorial over at Studio 5 put on by one of the girls from DIY DISH. I also found the flower template and tutorial at DIY DISH.

I will be using my new cutting table tomorrow to cut out a dress for my daughter.  We have a wedding to go to and "nothing" to wear.  Actually, in her case, that is the truth.  At least nothing dressy enough and warm enough for 20 some odd degree weather.  I will be working with taffeta and velvet.  Wish me luck! That is all for today.  So until next time...

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane