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Monday, March 21, 2011

Giveaway Winner

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Now the moment you all have been waiting for.... the winner of this weekend's giveaway.  Drum roll please!  My daughter was very anxious to pick the number.  She had no idea who entered or who was what number.  I just told her to pick a number between 1-20 and the number was 10.  That would be April T. at number 10Congratulations April!!  Just a note here: April is my niece.  She also won the one and only giveaway that I did on my private blog.  Some girls have all the luck.  The rest of you don't give up.  I will be doing more giveaways in the future.  Thanks to all of you who entered and have become new followers.  Keep checking back as you never know what might show up on Jane-of-all-Trades!  So until next time...

Have a blessed day (and a great week),

maggie jane

PS.  April chose the shelf with knobs to hang jewelry.  Here's another pic to show what she chose.
Disclaimer: I actually had 22 comments if you are the type to go back and count.  However, I could only count the first 20 as the last 2 came in this morning instead of by midnight last night.  Since I had already announced that it would end at midnight, I felt it only fair to do those that fell in that time frame.  Sorry Melissa for not being able to count you in.  Maybe next time.


  1. I am so excited. I have been trying to find things to decorate my room so I am totally excited about this

  2. Its okay, I had a crazy weekend, and kept meaning to stop in, but I was not on the computer all weekend! Our internet was acting up, so it was not possible. Maybe next time!

  3. Well I missed the whole thing but just found you through Wildberry's blog! I can relate to your philosophy of wanting to try it all!!!! That's pretty much the story of my life :) LOVE your polka dot baby quilt---L.O.V.E.