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Friday, February 18, 2011

Warmer Weather = Grill Time!

Hello Everyone!

Just thought I'd share a quick recipe with you all today.  I was wracking my brain yesterday trying to figure out what to have for dinner.  It happens that way sometimes.  I'm not as organized as some of you out there that put together a menu for like a whole month.  I've tried but don't seem to stick with it very well.  Anyway, I decided last night that it was a good night to break out the grill.  Last week we had subzero weather and over a foot of snow.  This week, it is in the 70's.  Gotta love the Midwest.  I ended up marinating salmon and a couple of pieces of chicken. (Daughter does not like fish.  Where did she come from anyway?)  The rest of us love fish and it had been a while since we had grilled some.  This is not the recipe I want to share but just as a side note, I marinate my fish (& chicken; separately) in Italian dressing & lemon juice.  It works great and you don't have to marinate it for very long.  The recipe I wanted to share is for a grilled veggie pack.  Here are some pics of the process.
First I start with two pieces of tinfoil that are pretty long.  I sprinkle a little olive oil on the bottom and then add my asparagus (washed and trimmed). 
Next I add mushrooms that have been washed and trimmed as well.
Then I add peppers (orange & red but any kind will work), onions, a little more olive oil, juice from half a lemon, garlic salt, pepper and basil.  The spices are really up to you.  Be creative and add what you like.

Then fold all the sides up so it is sealed all the way around.  Place on grill and let them cook.  I still can smell all those flavors just melding in the foil.  Yum!
This is what they looked like when we opened the foil.  Beautiful!  Look at all the colors and textures.  The cooking time is really something that I can't tell you.  I would say at least 10-15 minutes.  These were tender but still had a little bit of a bite; not soggy.  They were just like we like them.  I wish now I would have timed them to know because these came off at just the right time.  I heard a lot of, "Mmm, boy these are good." and, "Baby, these are wonderful." and other such exclamations of culinary delight from my hubby.  Always makes a wife feel good to know her husband is really enjoying her cooking.  Even better is when the kids are enjoying their veggies!  I heard several "Yum" 's from the kids as well.  

So next time you get in the "grilling" mood, give these veggie packets a try.  The veggies can be varied to your preference as well.  To us, the asparagus is a must and the other stuff sometimes changes.  Enjoy!

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane 

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