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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fire Starter Tutorial

It is that time of year to cozy up to the fireplace or wood stove.  I have had a couple people ask about the best way to get a fire started.  This was coming from some who were new to having a fireplace.  When I mentioned my method, I was encouraged to do a tutorial.  Many of you already know how to make fire starters so you can just ignore this one.  But for you newbies, here it is.  This is the best way that I have found and it is easy and cheap.  If you have cardboard egg cartons, dryer lint and some wax, you have the makings for fire starters.
Start by lining a cookie sheet with foil.  This will catch the excess melted wax.  Then line the egg carton with dryer lint.  Just pull it apart into little balls of lint.  I also put it in the lid.
Then, you melt some wax in an old frying pan.  You can use parafin wax or old candles that don't have a whole lot of wick left.  This is what I do. 
Just spoon a little over each little egg portion and the lid. Then let it cool. 
When they have cooled, just cut apart with a razor knife.  You now have a bunch of fire starters.  I usually use one or two with a little kindling and a little newspaper and my fire starts right up.  The whole concept to the wax and lint is that it will burn longer than just paper allowing your wood to catch.  Since I started using these, I have never had an issue with getting a fire going.  On cold mornings like we are having now, that is a must.  So for you that are struggling with getting your fires started, give this a try and I bet you won't have anymore trouble.  

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