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Thursday, June 14, 2012

My lot in life

Hello Everyone!

I have discovered that it is my lot in life to always be served a bent fork. You think I'm joking right? Ok, maybe not every time but it seems like every time.  It has become a joke in our family that when we go to restaurants I have to check my fork.  I almost always have the one with a bent tine. And you know, they just don't eat the same. It's hard to relish a creamy piece of cheesecake when one tine is not even and pushing on your lips differently than the others. Now granted that I don't hardly ever order cheesecake but I think you get the idea. Well, the other day, the kids and I went to Wendy's for lunch.  I ordered a salad. You have to have a fork for a salad, right? Yep, you guessed it. A plastic fork with a bent tine. Yes, my lot in life.
Can you tell the second from the right is lower than all the rest?
There seems to be this conspiracy towards me. I can hear it now. "Hey, Sam! Here comes that lady again. Get the bent fork!" Will I survive this plot against me? Yeah, probably. Just make sure if I come to your house for dinner that you don't give me a fork with a bent tine.  I want to enjoy your cheesecake to the fullest!

So until next time...

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane

1 comment:

  1. Sounds sorta like our family story...Our youngest always ends up with the chipped plate or bowl! Never on purpose!Just his baby of the family luck because he is so special! ; )