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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coincidental Funny

Hello Everyone!

Just thought I'd share a little funny with you today. Let me set the stage.  Today was town day. You know, the guitar lessons for the son, piano lessons for the daughter, shopping here, return there, etc. Well, it has been very busy lately besides and the laundry has been lucky to get done. The folding and ironing, not so lucky. This morning, I was running late and dumped two loads of laundry on my bed to be folded later. While in town, I bought a sign for a friend's birthday; something he is always saying.  I set it on the bed when I got home and moved on to putting away the rest of my purchases. When I came back in my room. I had to laugh at the vision and thought behind this picture.

Some days, it just is what it is! Hope you all saw the irony in this like I did and got a laugh out of it.
So until next time...

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane


  1. I did get a laugh - out loud - thanks :)

    I saw a cute cartoon once. It showed a couple standing in the same room together next to a BIG pile of laundry. She was on the phone telling her friend, "Yeah, today Joe (or whatever his name was) and I are going to hike Mt. Laundry.

    Hello from Newfoundland...........Sonja

    1. Hello back at ya! Glad you got a laugh out of this. :)

  2. I hear your sister saying this sometimes.