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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Skirts for Girls

Hello Everyone!

Well, birthday time has come for another one of my little great nieces. I got a little sew happy and made up two skirts and two culottes.  It was fun.
Here they are all together.

Since the last circle skirt I made for my other niece was such a hit, I decided I had better make one for this niece.
This pattern came from here.

This is fabric I bought on Ebay last year to make her something and never got around to it.  I only had a half a yard so I knew I needed to do something while she was still little or I wouldn't have enough fabric.

This little girl has a fetish for pockets so I added these to the side.  The graphic came from The Graphics Fairy
I just added the words and printed it on fabric using my printer.

Culottes made from a shorts pattern.

This is from a paper pattern that I have.  I have made a gajillion of these.
Unfortunately, all this sewing I've been doing has been on borrowed machines.  Mine decided to quit on me right in the middle of a project.  I had to drive an hour to take it to a Bernina dealer. Then they tell me the mother board is bad. Not good. Especially the cost of fixing it, almost $300. Still cheaper than a new Bernina but yikes, that is high. I'm thinking if I ever need to get into a job, I ought to learn how to fix sewing machines. Those guys charge lots of money per hour for labor charge. Oh well, I don't think I can survive without my sewing machine and I DON'T know how to fix it so I guess I will have to bite the bullet and pay the repair cost. Ouch!

Been sewing lately? Do share. So until next time...

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane


  1. want to make some more culots? Tara needs some, and I have decided that sewing culots is just not something I like to do. They seem backwards to me! So far we have gotten by with boys pleated shorts and they work pretty good for now.

  2. By the way, these turned out really cute!

  3. Melissa's comment made me smile, I had April over last week to sew culottes that seemed backwards to her too. :-)