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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Table

Hello Everyone!

I finally found a table for my school room/game room.  This isn't exactly what I had invisioned in my head as the "perfect" table.  However, it is becoming just that.  One of the things to make it perfect was the price.  I stole bought it for only $20 bucks.  That was for the table and four chairs. 

This is how it all happened.  On a Friday, I stalked Craigslist for garage sales in my area that might have tables for sale.  I found a Saturday only one that listed two table sets.  I was really excited.  They said they would open at 7:00 am.  So I decided to be one of those irritating people that get to garage sales early.  (Irritating if you are the one giving the garage sale and trying to get everything out.)  I set my alarm and arrived at the sale 15 minutes early.  To my dismay, there was a pickup already backed into the driveway with a table and chairs already loaded up.  "No way!"  I guess this old man was an early riser, irritating garage saler like me.  Anyway, I thought, "Well, they advertised two tables.  Surely they still have the other one."  Well, I looked around and saw, "What?  No table?!"  So I took a few deep breaths and then sweetly asked the lady if she still had another table.  To my relief, she said, "Yes.  It's still upstairs."  So she brought it down and my first reaction was dismay.  It wasn't what I was looking for.  However, I took a second and third look and asked the price and bam! it was mine! 
This is what it looked like in its original state.  An Ethan Allen solid wood table that once was round but didn't fit their dining room so they cut two sides off and made it more oval.  It also had a leaf to make it longer.

Here are the four chairs.
So, I decided to make a go at painting and distressing this table.  The chairs will have to come later.  Unlike the desk that we just made for our bedroom, I decided to spray paint.  I still am not sure what I am going to paint in my school room/game room so I went with a neutral white.  I almost wish I had done it a color because white is a pain to cover when using spray paint.  But the bright side of all this is that I had already decided to distress it so not having the paint cover perfectly didn't become a problem.  So here is what it now looks like.
White vintagey goodness.

Styro under legs to keep the dirt and gravel off the paint.

Close-up of distressing.

spindle leg

I wish I could show you how great this looks in my school room/game room but since it still isn't finished, that will have to come at another time. That was one of my projects to get done before school starts.  Alas, it still isn't done.  However, I might be having a few friends over next week to help me get the rest of the wallpaper off, the walls washed down, and ready for paint.  Fingers are crossed on that one. 

So that's the lastest project here at Jane of All Trades.  Etsy sales have picked up so I need to replenish my stock.  I'll keep you posted on that as it develops.  Don't forget to enter the My Memories Suite Giveaway.  So until next time...

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane

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