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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.  Just a quick note here to tell everyone that we are finally getting to get away for a few days.  My hubby has been working incredible hours lately and gets up at an insane time of day (3:00 am).  So, this is a much needed break.  We only wish it could be longer.  We are going to Branson, MO. from Monday to Wednesday.  We are going to pack in as much as we can in those three days.  We got a spectacular deal on our motel so that gives us a little extra to "play" with.  I will be sure to take lots of pictures and bore you all with a travel slideshow when I get back.  Just kidding.  I do plan to take a lot of pictures but I won't post them all.  My son & hubby are going to do a little kayaking while my daughter and I do a little some shopping.  I wonder which will be more dangerous. ;)  Once again, just kidding.  So until next time...

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane

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