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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm a great paperhanger...

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are having  splendid weekend so far.  So, are you thinking my title sounds a little proud.  Well, I did use to be a professional paperhanger back in the day.  However, what I'm discovering is I put the wallpaper up in my kids school room so good that now I'm struggling to get it off.  (Sigh)  These are some pictures of the room in question.
There's a red bench and bookcase along this short banister wall that are going.
Hopefully, we'll be able to get baseboards and trim hung this time around.
In desperate need of curtains.  The sun shines on my computer screen and I reach for the closest thing; in this case a skirt.  Pretty, I know.  :(
Disgusting isn't it?  This room has become a catch all.  Please tell me you all have spaces like that!  Anyway, I have been wanting to redo this room for quite some time now.  I was forced to clean up the cobwebs and such behind my desk. My monitor went out last night and someone had gotten a disk stuck in my computer.  So, on my backside I went crawling under my desk to unplug everything and transfer the monitor off of my son's computer to mine.  While in this process, I finally got fed up and said, "This room is disgusting!  We are going to start right now cleaning and redoing."  Hence, the start of my wallpaper stripping expedition.  My hubby had already started on a bookcase to go all along the banister wall so I can get rid of the red bench and other smaller bookcase.  I will update when I can.  I'm tossing two ideas around as far as what style or theme to go with in decorating.  I've thought about either a light nautical feel (neutrals and light blues) or a vintage game idea.  My son's desk is going.  We no longer do school up here so I really want to make it into a sitting room or game room or both.  If you have a thought, opinion, idea, etc. pass it on.  Well, I better get back to removing wallpaper.  So until next time...

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane


  1. that wallpaper is adorable... is it yellow stripes? i really like it just on that one wall... good luck with your renovations :)

  2. Did you try the 1/2 fabric softener 1/2 water solution???? I've heard it does WONDERS to remove wall paper. I love both ideas. We're all about vintage around here so the game idea could be really cute. Do both! I find the pale blues very comforting and relaxing.

  3. I like the vintage game idea. I have seen old/vintage game boards at junk stores and wished I had a place to display them. I think a collection of them would look really nice. And you could probably use just about any color you like with them.