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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Finds

Hello Everyone!

Hope the weekend went well for you all.  Mine started out on Friday afternoon when the hubby met me at Lowe's to buy wood for a new desk.  Finally I will be able to move all my computer stuff off of my bar and onto a great new desk in my room.  Saturday, said hubby took my son fishing and my daughter and I went to a few yard sales.  We were all going to be back early to work on the desk.  I think we both got a little distracted.
We were supposed to go to Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Tuesday Morning and such looking for baskets for my desk.  We are doing bookshelves with baskets instead of drawers.  We did finally make it to town but you know how tempting those yard sale signs can be.  My daughter was getting a little exasperated at me when I kept saying, "Oh, just one more." or "This one looks promising.  Maybe they will have some baskets."  To my credit, we did pass up a few.  Anyway, we finally made it to town and were kind of disappointed in the basket selection.  Hobby Lobby was about out of baskets.  I'd never seen it quite so bare before.  They weren't getting more in until Wednesday.  I needed my baskets like "NOW" because we needed to know how far apart to make the shelves.  I went several places and finally came home empty handed.  Michael's had some pretty good looking baskets but their prices weren't so pretty.  I kind of had a general idea of the height so we were just going to go with it and hope that I found baskets later.  We were supposed to actually start building the desk on Saturday.  However, like I said before, we both got distracted.  I was told that the fish just kept biting.  Interpretation, "We were having too good of a time fishing to stop and come home to work."  Well, that isn't all together true, he didn't really say that but that was the way I interpreted it.  Anyway, we had plans for Saturday night and the hubby had to work Sunday so the desk didn't get started until Monday.  And, I got my baskets on Monday as well because Michael's decided to be nice to me and give me 40% off.  Well, ok, they gave anybody who wanted baskets 40% off but I kind of felt like they did it for me since I needed them so bad.
All's well that ends well.  The desk is made with just a few pieces of trim to add and I have started staining it.  I am going to paint over the stain and then sand down and distress a little.  Dumb me, I forgot to take a before picture.  Here is one of an upside down desk that is partially stained.
Hopefully, I can work on this more this week.  Wednesday is piano and "town" day so I won't get a chance then but maybe on Thursday I can get the rest stained.

So in your mind you're saying, "What did she find at the yard sales?"  Well, I'll just show you.  I had a lot of fun this time around.  I really only bought something at I think 3 sales.  And really truly, we only stopped at maybe 6 sales.  But enough talking and onto the pictures.
old wooden spools, pink enamel pan, old wire egg basket, glass bottles, chair, picture frame, sweatshirts, nightgown, dresses, shoes, old sign and a baby onsie
Some of this I will keep and some try to resale.  Does anything strike your fancy?  Keep watch on Etsy.  You just never know what you might find there.
The picture frame just got a new coat of paint today and will be made into a chalkboard.  The quilt sign I had in mind to give my sister if she's interested.  So, N. are ya?
With so many nieces and nephews, I'm always on the lookout for shoes that are cute.  These were really cheap as the lady was going half off all her clothes and shoes.  So far, none of my nieces are wearing a size 8 shoe so these will probably go in next year's JBF sale.
Sweatshirt for hubby, one for me, a nightgown for my daughter and two adorable little dresses for either above mentioned nieces or to sell at JBF.  These were new and still had the tags on them for a ridiculously low price.
Last but not least is this old wire milk crate.  I forgot it in the original overall picture.  I used it right off to cart jars of salsa to our Sat. night get together.  I got it for like a dollar or two.  I don't remember exactly.  This lady was also having a half off day.  
So there you have my finds.  I took pictures of some of the items today so I could list them on Etsy.

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend.  My niece announced her engagement this weekend also.  That was exciting but I now realize this summer is going to go by FAST!!!  I will be helping her with a few things, sewing a bridesmaid dress for one of her friends, doing projects around here (still haven't stripped all the wallpaper off of my upstairs room), getting ready for next year's schooling (ordering books), tending the house, garden, kids and my sanity.  I wonder if I could throw in a tropical vacation with the hubby?  Sigh, probably not.  Oh well, a girl can dream can't she?  Hope you all have a good week and 4th of July.  Hopefully I'll be able to share a finished office space soon.  Keeping my fingers crossed... Until next time...

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane

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  1. I love your finds! Especially that wire milk basket, any chance that is going on etsy?