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Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm still alive

Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone has had a good week so far.  I've been a little out of touch lately.  I'm doing a quick post to catch ya'll up on a few of the goings ons around here.  I have been working on projects and hope to share some of those soon.  We had a two day garage sale last weekend and did fairly well.  I made a wedding present for friends that are getting married this weekend.  I'll show that later as well.  I had computer problems that had me taking my new laptop back and having to wait until Sat. (tomorrow) to get a new one.  I also had issues with my desktop when trying to install new virus protection software.  I spent a good portion of two days trying to resolve that problem.  Have you ever had a company take control remotely of your computer?  It is a really creepy feeling.  I was doing a online chat with my security company and trying to get the software to download properly when I gave them control of my computer.  It was like a ghost living in my computer.  I'm hoping I don't have to do that very often.  Anyway, with all of this going on as well as finishing up school, my laundry has gotten off of its new schedule.  I spent the last two days trying to catch up.  Now if I can just catch up on the ironing I will be doing good.  Tomorrow, there is a Civil War Reenactment in our town.  We are planning to take the kids in the afternoon.  That is after I go pick up my laptop.  :)   The hubby has to work Sunday and many of our friends are out of town at the above mentioned wedding so it will be a slow Sunday for me and the kids.  I will probably be cleaning house as we are having a real estate agent come give us an appraisal on Monday.  This might surprise some of my family but just so you don't get any ideas about us moving, it is just for tax purposes that we are having it done.  Our property tax just keeps going up and up each year but the value of our property (and probably everyone else's) is not getting any better in this current economy.  We are hoping to contest the fees that they are wanting to charge us.  There is more planned for the upcoming week but I think I will stop there.  Sorry if this seems a little disjointed and a bit of a ramble.  I just haven't had time to post and didn't want anyone to think that I had fallen off the face of the earth.  I will try and do better, I promise.  I know of at least three projects I will be posting about and maybe a recipe or two thrown in for good measure and variety.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  So until next time...

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane 

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