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Friday, May 4, 2012

Branson, 2012

Hi Everyone!

I bet you thought I would go absent again after my little string of posts. Well, I fooled ya. We just took us a mini vacation last weekend.  Then this weekend, I am having a garage sale.  Well, it is a little slow at the sale right now (Friday evening) so I decided to share a little about our trip.  I didn't take as many pictures as last year.  This year we went to Silver Dollar City. The kids loved it.  Me, I wasn't too impressed. Like any amusement park, they get ya at the door and they get ya once you're inside.  We're talking lots of money here.  I'm just not into spending my money this way but hey, this was probably a once in a life time deal and like I said, the kids had fun.  A little secret here, I think my hubby had fun too! ;) He went on the ride that goes upside down, uh, several times.  I mean, the ride went upside down several times.  He couldn't talk anybody else into going with him.  I think he felt a little green when he was done.  I'm not much for roller coasters anymore.  I loved them as a kid (grew up near Disneyland, CA) but as I've gotten older AND had kids, I can hardly swing on a swing without feeling woozy.

We watched some flag throwers do a little routine that was interesting.

I took lots more of this but I won't bore you with them all. Here are a few other random photos from our trip.  Overall, it was a fun little vacation and a time to catch up on sleep which my hubby badly needed.  He's been working a ton of hours and was ready for a break.
My little jailbirds.

Hubby & Daughter on the Barn Swing.  This thing goes way high to where you are almost  upside down. 

Son & Hubby on American Plunge.  This is definitely a "get very wet" ride.

This was them at the end.  I had a great vantage point to take pictures.  Love the look on their faces on this one.

This was eating dinner the first night there.  Not sure about the look on his face this time.  Picture taken courtesy of my daughter.
Well, that is all I'll share of our trip. This week, I've been getting ready for a garage sale.  You know, all that cleaning out I've been doing to get ready for my kitchen re-do? I had one lady that loved my Italian Bistro style and all my kitchen signs.  She bought a bunch so that was a nice haul for both of us. Well, that's all for now. So until next time...

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane


  1. looks like fun! Lots of good memories on the Log Ride at Knott's, always got a little wet and had lots of laughs!

  2. Haha, the barn swing was ALWAYS my favorite...I went on it COUNTLESS times when I was there last. The american plunge isn't bad either, and I love the one that goes upside down, but I can't remember what its called :) (fire something??)