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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge- Black and White

Hello Everyone!

Another photo challenge from I Heart Faces. This week they are doing a special challenge worth wonderful prizes.  I keep hoping if I don't give up that maybe one of this days I'll submit that "just right" photo and win something.  Anyway, here is my submission for the Black and White theme.

I love the captured moment here.  I didn't ask her to look down, we just were talking and she laughed and looked down and I snapped.  The result was great. Love that smile!

Hope you all aren't tired of seeing my photo entries.  I promise I've been doing other things.  I just have to get my pictures uploaded, give a couple of gifts this weekend, and then I can share what I've been working on.  So until next time...

Have a blessed day,

maggie jane

Photo Challenge Submission


  1. great shot, natural

  2. Great shot, she looks so innocent and happy, and natural, its just a really great photo. You look at the picture and see someone wo is relaxed and happy, and loving life! Hope you win!